Juliette Léthy-Rolandone, experte consultant pour l’association The8thnote: music is our universal language

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Juliette Léthy-Rolandone, experte consultant pour l'association The8thnote:  music is our universal language


About Us

Our Team

President: Carol’Ann Tappaz

World renown healer for over two decades, author, inspirational speaker, singer-songwriter, producer. CEO and Founder of Imago Transmedia International Limited (Hong kong) Imago Transmedia Production LLC (Los Angeles) Chairperson for California Chapter WeforWe.org, Ambassador for the League of Extraordinary Women in Los Angeles

Representative USA & Global Ambassador: Chloe Domange

French-American actress, model, writer and producer, Chloe has two masters in business law and international taxation from French law schools. She is also a graduate from USC where she obtained her Masters in law.

Expert Consultant & Singer in the musical tale « The 8th Note: » Juliette Rolandone Lethy

Director and manager of major medico-social projects.Graduate Master 1 of the High School of Public Health
Rennes.Practical therapist graduated from specialized education (IUT 2 and Pierre Mendès France University of Grenoble), trained in brief therapies, behavioral therapy, systemic family therapy, supervision of educational team and hypnosis.

Creation and artistic expression as a singer-songwriter rewarded by France Bleu; awarded Fnac’s favorite.

Representative France & Host Presenter Podcast in French: Fabienne Demol

Co-founder with her husband of a company with 10 employees for 15 years; Management of the secretariat and accounting. Proud mother of three grown up boys, currently on the final phase to become a certified coach and follow her deepest passion: humanitarian assistance, especially for disadvantaged children.

Specializations: NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and NVC (Non Violent Communication)

Graduated: Image Consultant

Representative Costa Rica & Host Presenter Podcast in English: Cassandra Peterson

Our history

“The 8th Note” is a multi-cultural project that aims to connect the real world changers: parents and their kids. There is a lot of wisdom and great lessons that Carol’Ann Tappaz likes to call the sum of her own learning experiences.

She believes that education is the way to change the world. It goes with reestablishing some of the important values that have been forgotten in a fast and unsafe world. .

The 8th Note is a project Carol’Ann has been working on for many years. She wrote the original story for the children’s book in 1996 when she lived in Paris, France. Following her divine inspiration, she started writing songs to go along the book leading her to Los Angeles, California.

The musical tale will be released this Spring, May 21 but the non profit organization was created in March 2017.Both projects are completely connected. The 8th Note organization is more oriented to offer a platform for teenagers to express their concerns and worries. A safe place with some practical tools to stop the epidemic of suicide that affects teenagers all over the world.

Our mission

The goal of the 8th Note is essentially to help the integration on every level of mixed children in today’s challenging society. These children might have difficulty at times finding their place because they don’t really feel like they belong to any one group or ethnicity and through the 8th Note we aim to provide them with the support they need.The musical tale the 8th Note is a wonderful story written to teach children about the important values in life.
While the book is geared towards young children and their parents, the organization is tailored for teenagers aged 14-18.
At the 8th Note organization we feel concerned about the alarming suicide rate in students all over the world. This epidemic must stop! Therefore, we offer some practical and tangible solutions with a specific program designed accordingly.
In a chaotic time like today, we need to put the focus more than ever before on courage, tolerance, understanding, respect and solidarity.
The 8th Note only recognizes one race: the human race and music is its universal language.
The number 8 represents harmony in the Chinese culture. We want to replace fear with love and trust which brings clarity, serenity and peace, like a Domino effect!